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Waterproof Pouch

To keep your Thrupenny Bits Pillow clean and dry when you leave the house we have the Waterproof Pouch.

Essentially a roomy waterproof bag, good for not only your pillow but all your baby essentials with an inner zipped pocket for your keys, phone and purse. 

At Thrupenny Bits we very much want your breastfeeding experience to be a fully portable one without the fear of getting your cushion wet when travelling from A to B.

This bag will enable you to carry your Thrupenny Bits cushion and anything else you might need when you go out. 

Slung easily over the handle bars of your pram or over your shoulder in all weather conditions!

As you can see from the photos and the VIDEO it really is a very practical crescent shaped waterproof bag using a thick waterproof fabric. I hope you agree the neutral grey will go well with all the lovely colours used for our cushions and the stars well you gotta love stars!

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Waterproof Pouch ON SALE £18
Waterproof Pouch ON SALE £18
5 out of 5 Stars!