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Why Thrupenny Bits?

With these Ultimate breastfeeding pillows in order to make them the best breastfeeding pillow available I've addressed four issues which in my opinion are lacking in others available:

  1. Portability - Once you find that breastfeeding is SO much easier to do using a breastfeeding pillow you'll want to carry yours around with you everywhere when out with your baby. These look and carry like a bag unlike other cumbersome and ugly alternatives.
  2. Attractiveness -  the fabrics used are practical but chosen with the Yummy Mummy in mind and not the baby.
  3. Slippage - Something I always found really annoying was that most breastfeeding pillows would slip down meaning that your baby would end up sliding off your lap or down the gap. These tie on so you'll have none of that.
  4. Lifespan/Versatility - This is not just a product that you'll only use for the duration of your breastfeeding, it makes a great cushion for when your baby is just lying down (see the picture) and for when he or she starts sitting and needs some extra security (see the shots in my cute cord range) AND unlike any other breastfeeding pillow remove the inner cresent shaped pillow and you have a great toddler bag to carry on using, totally washable and with adjustable straps it can be carried in a variety of ways, when I'm out with my boys I have mine hanging across my body leaving my hands free to lift them onto climbing frames, swings etc. or even just to hold hands!