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Keep Britain Breastfeeding!

Posted On: 2015-08-04 08:44:37 ; Read: 1546 time(s)

Good morning everyone on this fine summers day, Thanks for hopping over from #PositiveAboutBF and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt Day 4 Working and Breastfeeding sponsors today include Feed Me Mummy with a black and white vest combo, Thrupenny Bits that's us! We're offering a cute cord in blue breastfeeding cushion and Kids Bee Happy who are offering your choice of sand art picture for our Grand Prize winner. Over £700 worth of goodies are up for grabs. Look to the bottom of this blog for the link to the raffle copter...

I'm dedicating this blog post to those who have to work whilst breastfeeding. I had this dubious privilege with both my sons ...

Apart from Thrupenny Bits I also work as a freelance Associate Director/Script Supervisor/Show caller, the work is very intermittent and being freelance other than the statutory state maternity benefit I had no money coming in. This meant that I had to take any work opportunities when they came up breastfeeding or not. In addition to this I gave birth to my second son Aaron in the same week as launching Thrupenny Bits... it was a pretty stressful time, luckily Aaron was a very well behaved and beautiful baby, sleeping through (you’ll hate me for this!) from just 2 weeks old. My older son was just 2 when Aaron was born and going to a nursery 2 days a week so I could get on with Thrupenny Bits stuff. As most of you breastfeeding will know, you’re a breastfeeding machine in the first few weeks especially, luckily I had already created my cushions so could feed and work literally at the same time. Aaron would be nursing away on my cushion on my lap whilst I’d be sat at the kitchen table doing the necessary at my computer. My pillows tie on and give you hands free breastfeeding making this possible.

It was a very different experience from when I had my first son, with him I was able to put a lot of time into being a first time Mum, breastfeeding workshops, baby yoga, cafe’s in the park with my anti natal group, lovely! Because I’d come up with the idea for a Thrupenny Bits cushion in-between babies the timing just happened to co-incide with giving birth and actually it was great to have a decent cushion to use second time around, breastfeeding was sooo much easier than with my first son. I’m just not sure how practical it was to be launching a business and giving birth in the same week...Working at home and breastfeeding is entirely do-able, going out to work, is a lot more difficult especially at the early stages...

During this time I did have some freelance TV work which took me away over 2 nights on one occasion, and on another when Aaron was only 8 weeks old and exclusively breastfeeding. I had to go into work 5 days in a row, working long days, one of which I was in an outside broadcast truck in central London for about 10 hours....Luckily I was always a very efficient expresser, in fact I’d recommend that anyone breastfeeding start expressing as soon as possible, Lanisoh do great breast milk pouches that go in the freezer. I had quite a stock pile of these and got both sons to take a bottle of expressed milk once a day early on so they would get used to taking the bottle and it wouldn’t be an issue when I had to go to work. This worked brilliantly. What was more difficult was keeping up with all the expressing whilst away at work. Finding the time was one issue.... I’m sorry to report that I ended up in a right old state with Mastitis while at work and when in dire need of my breastfeeding pump discovered that I’d left the small valve that goes into the pump at home, disaster!

I was filling up by the minute, had a fever and was pretty delirious, this was all whilst in the middle of a 10 hour live show from central London, I’m not sure my mainly male crew fully appreciated what I was going through and I felt very unprofessional and stressed about it at the time )-: Lots of hormones flying around inside probably didn’t help with my emotional state either. The Production manager had to send out a runner to go and buy me a new pump on Oxford Street in Central London. That was not my finest hour, after that experience I decided that in the first 3 months if you are breastfeeding it’s probably best not to go to work unless you absolutely have to. Financially I felt that I didn’t really have a choice at the time.

If you do have to go to work get someone else to check that the breastfeeding pump has all the right bits before you leave the house!  And where possible if you are breastfeeding push to work from home. For me as a Script supervisor on a live Awards show I had no choice but to be in an OB truck ....Of course I got through that and continued to breastfeed but my milk supply had been compromised and after being away from my baby for a week I discovered that I wasn’t producing enough milk to continue to exclusively breastfeed, I did however go onto breastfeed for 11 months, but both sons did have to take one formula feed a day due to my diminished milk supply.

That said breastfeeding was mainly a wonderful experience which I was very proud and honoured to experience, I do hope that my stories help any of you out there having to work whilst breastfeeding, good luck to you all, happy breastfeeding and enjoy the rest of your summer holidays (-:


Please click on this link for the chance to win prizes  -    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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