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Back to school, siblings & twins pillow is coming!

Posted On: 2015-10-06 11:36:04 ; Read: 13876 time(s)

So we're 3 or is it 4 weeks back into term time, am losing track already! Whilst I do miss the summer, having my own space and being able to focus on my business and myself (during school hours at least!) is actually rather pleasant and with two very noisy boys around a lot of the time, so is the peace and quiet! 

A lovely trip to France at the beginning of the school holidays staying with friends and a 10 day holiday in Spain at the end of the hols meant we were very fortunate to be away most of the summer, missing the rubbish weather here in the UK during the holiday's, lucky us! 

Having more than one child definitely has it's pros and cons, my boys when they had just broken up got on brilliantly most of the time. In France it was just me, them and my lovely friend Nicky and her Mum, having no-one else to play with in France in particular meant that they had to look to each other (and me!) which worked brilliantly. Throw in a few French boys all speaking the language of football meant that everyone was happy.

Fast forward to our second holiday in Spain late August and they refused to play together or watch the same films, arguing and fighting to such a point that we had to split them up most of the time, basically they had grown sick of each other over the course of a long school summer holiday, it made it extremely hard work for us the parents and much easier when they were separated, which isn’t necessarily achievable a lot of the time! Sound familiar anyone!?

Back to matters Thrupenny Bits....I’m currently in the process of developing a Thrupenny Bits pillow for tandem feeding twins, working with the lovely Grace whos breastfeeding her two gorgeous boys. I’ve had one prototype made which she has been testing out for me, it did work brilliantly when there were tiny but we’ve discovered that as they grow more support is needed at the sides. 

It’s always been my aim to create a more portable pillow for feeding twins, however we’ve discovered it just isn’t possible to use a smaller pillow as feeding 2 at once takes up quite a lot of space, there’s just no getting around it! When I’ve got the twins pillow exactly right which hopefully won’t be too long now you’ll be hearing all about it! I’m going to have a meeting with my cushion makers tomorrow to try to come up with something at the sides to combat this problem, I’m determined to create the perfect cushion for Mums expecting twins. It won’t be a small cushion but using the Thrupenny Bits fabrics at least it will look good and work brilliantly for breastfeeding two at once!

After the holidays I’ve found it quite a struggle trying to get back in the swing of things, a little like wading through treacle, there’s just so much to do. With kids around over the holidays work wise if you are running a business from home you just have to accept that they come first and business second, it’s why us Mums work from home after all. 

Look out for a brand new updated website coming soon, designs are back and I’m really happy, it’s now up to my website man to implement them when he has time, hopefully not too long for that either.

Other than that, onwards and upwards everyone and as always...

Happy Breastfeeding (-:

Melissa x

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