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Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza GIVEAWAY!

Posted On: 2015-11-27 13:49:18 ; Read: 14939 time(s)

I’m very happy to be part of the Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza GIVEAWAY! And with that in mind I’ve decided to talk about how having your first child can actually be a very productive time and how breastfeeding at home means you can still carry on generating an income (if you need to) and act on any creative thoughts or ideas that you might have... (please read to the end of the blog for entry to the competition and chance to win £300 worth of prizes, yay!)

Here’s how I started on my journey being a work at home Mum and how Breastfeeding and motherhood inspired my business..

When embarking on the incredible journey of having my first baby, it was a given that I would breastfeed and the fact that it may pose problems was something that never entered my head. The breastfeeding workshop I was sent on didn’t mention it and neither did any of the midwives I saw.

After I had my first son, whether at home or out and about I seemed to be the most ungainly breast-feeder around. If I did need to go out, I was incapable of simply whipping out a breast when necessary and either had to carry several pillows around with me or express milk in advance. When you first have your baby it’s good to be as comfortable as possible whilst breastfeeding (as you’ll be doing a lot of it!) and to get out the house seeing old or new friends going through the same experiences as you at the same time. If you dread breastfeeding in public because you can’t manage without all the props you might need, you’ll be tearing your hair out, stressing about being stuck at home, how your life will never be the same and how you can’t wait to stop breastfeeding!

After trying one of those giant platformy breastfeeding pillows that did work well for feeding at home though not very good for out and about or very attractive on my sofa! I realised what I really needed was some sort of transportable pillow or support that could be used discreetly anywhere I might need to feed my baby. Something that didn’t scream “this is for breastfeeding!?”

Because most of the time I had to support my breast whilst breastfeeding with one hand and support the baby with the other arm a breastfeeding support was essential for me. The only issue I had was the fact that the breast feeding pillows already available seemed far too bulky to carry around and were severely lacking on the style front. They didn’t exactly blend in with the home decor either!

This is when I had my eureka moment and how I came up with Thrupenny Bits.

Necessity being the mother of invention certainly applied here. Designed with my own needs in mind, I could see my bag/pillow helping other style conscious mothers to breastfeed comfortably anywhere, which is why I decided to set up my own company, and begin the arduous road of launching a product and getting it out there, whilst supervising a cheeky toddler and having another baby, oh yes and did I mention my free-lance TV production job! Talk about not making it easy for one-self…

Having my pillows to use as soon as I started to breastfeed my second son made all the difference to successful breastfeeding and meant that I could carry on working while Aaron was supported on the pillow feeding happily away. At the beginning you feel like a feeding a machine so being able to multi task for me was a huge time saver. Being a free-lancer in television meant that I had to rely on the government maternity package which is a good suppliment but not enough to actually live on so there was a need to generate an income someway somehow...

If you do have an idea, think how can you make it stand out from other similar products, for me it was about making it portable, gorgeous for the Mother and the fact that the cushion converts to a bag came by chance really. I realised that if I lined the outer bag and put pockets into the lining, it could in fact become a bag for continued use, another advantage not offered by my competitors.

Starting your own small business from home definitely isn’t the easy option, however if you think you have a good idea, test your product out with your friends first and are REALLY determined to succeed you WILL get there. Sometimes at the beginning definitely it feels like a very expensive time consuming hobby, but don’t lose hope, your kids always have to come first which will slow the process down, just know that if you stick with it and cut yourself some slack you will eventually get recognition for what you’re doing. Having said that you can never think oh I’ve arrived now! You still have to always put in the work if you want your business to continue at the same level or grow. At least though if you are working from home once the kids start school you can make your hours school hours and be there for play dates, homework, clubs and cuddles on the sofa watching movies (-:

Sorry if I’ve deviated from actual breastfeeding on this! I realise that starting a business whilst breastfeeding your second child might seem like madness for some (!) however I hope you can see that where I’m at now as a parent stems from my breastfeeding which is what makes the relationship with my boys now 7 and 9 really special...

Merry Christmas and Happy Breastfeeding everybody!

Melissa x

The code word for the Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza is MINCE PIE

Please click here to get to the raffle copter and the chance to win over £300 of breastfeeding prizes!

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