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Thrupenny Bits has been notching up the awards...

Last Year we won Silver at the Bizzie Baby Awards and before that hrupenny Bits actually won Gold at the Loved By Parents Awards in the Best Product for Breastfeeding. This is just the validation that we needed, parents who had actually bought a cushion took the time to vote for a product that they loved, soooo grateful thank-you!

Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillows were also short-listed at the Mother and Baby Awards in the "Best product for Breastfeeding" category. These awards are cited as The Oscars of the Mother and baby world so to make it to the short-list is a very privileged place to be. Only 8 products were short-listed and we're proud to say that we were the only portable breastfeeding pillow converting to a bag (!) on the list. We like to think that that makes us the best at what we do in the UK.

May 2010 BBC1 Show High Street Dreams with Jo Malone - Selected from hundreds of applicants myself and my Thrupenny Bits made it down to the final 15 in the fashion category (why not the baby category you'd have to ask them!) Still it was a honour to meet Jo and get to the final.

On line Reviews and Press are running a story on top tips for breastfeeding in public and guess what a Thrupenny Bits pillow is an essential!

UK have just listed Thrupenny Bits cushions on their top 6 gift ideas for a new Mum. provides an online forum for families and carers to connect, arrange care, and share advice, we're very chuffed to have made their top 6 (-:

A reveiw from the What's Good to Do Website...

I've had some lovely reveiws from Mummy bloggers recently Dummy Mummy Blogger and Mum of 2 tiny ones talks about her experiences here...

Beastie and the Boy Mum of 2 boys (my world it's a crazy place to be!) shares her thoughts also...

And finally Mum of 3 gorgeous girls Karen would like to be a Yummy Mummy!

Look here for the latest from Hannah who has her own blog "A New Addition" 

Blogger Hexmum loves her cushion as well (-:

Scroll to half way down the page to see what Makesmomhappy  from the USA has to say....

What makes these reviews below all the more relevant is the fact that they are from testers allocated by the websites. Have a look....

Glowing reveiws from testers on the babyworld website

Bambino Goodies have championed Thrupenny Bits right from the beginning and both Kat and Natalie who run the site have used them to breastfeed their own children.

Reviews to be found on the official site from Prima magazine the Baby Expert.

The ever popular Mumsnet.

Price comparison website Ciao!

Testers give their views on the babywebsite.

US Blogger Melissa on her site Now What Baby loves her Thrupenny Bits Pillow and even shows a video of her using it.


Practical Parenting on their "It's a Mum Thing" page "Two For One - This portable breastfeeding pillow from Thrupenny Bits is more than just a breastfeeding pillow - remove the inner sack and it turns into a funky little bag"

Junior Pregnancy and Baby on the desirables page - "Shoulder Houlder - we are always on the lookout for baby products that combine practicality with style and were impressed with fabulous breastfeeding accessory Thrupenny Bits designed to make breasfeeding a fashionable experience"

 Baby Surrey and Baby Hampshire on their Hot Products Page - "A MUST HAVE for all breastfeeding Mums. We love this stylish highly portable breastfeeding cushion from Thrupenny Bits. It can be carried over your shoulder like a bag. or hung over the handles of a pram looking more like a fashionable bag or cushion giving you the freedom to breastfeed is comfortable and encourages correct positioning. Plus you'll have a lovely bag to carry all your baby paraphernalia in when you've finished breastfeeding"

"You" magazine the Mail on Sunday suppliment have just featured Thrupenny Bits on thier Health Notes Page titled "Comfort Eating for Babies" and state that Mummy colleagues loved the super stylish Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding cushion......

Thrupenny Bits cushions were featured in Prima Baby Magazine as a hot new product for new breastfeeding Mums.....