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Spare Outer Covers

Whilst your main outer bag is in the wash spare covers are available in either a simple cotton for just £12, a soft needle corduroy at only £15.00 - £17.00 or in the more high end fabrics at £22.50 for the small size or £28.50 for the larger Ultimate size.

You never need be without your cushion and trust me once you start using one of these to breastfeed you will miss it (-:

We also have spare inserts to replace any inner crescent shaped cushions that may have gone flat over time.

The inserts are available to returning customers only at a reduced price and you will need to pre-order. Please e mail if you have any further questions or need to order one of those.

The inserts are filled with a High grade Hollow Fibre and are hypoallergenic.  Hypoallergenic Polyester filling – test certificate BS5852

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Spare Outer Bag, Corduroy.
Spare Outer Bag, Corduroy.
Spare Outer Bag, cotton
Spare Outer Bag, cotton
Spare Outer Bags, Ulimate Range...
Spare Outer Bags, Ulimate Range...