A Breastfeeding Pillow IS for Christmas!!

RIGHT Soooo I’m going in, diving back into my blog in fact which I have blatantly neglected, when you leave something for this long it gets harder and harder to get back into it. Summer is a distant memory I’m sure you’d all agree, I’m trying to imagine we’re at our lovely Gite in France (rented not actually ours sadly) basking in the sun in the amazing weather by the pool! I hate the cold, sooo not a winter person and frankly in the wrong country, I like to be outside on my bike, having barbies and drinking rose wine! Well there’s always mulled wine and yummy soups to be made I suppose…. I’m currently sitting at my computer with my scarf and body warmer on, refusing to have the heating up more than 18 degrees and I’m still cold, praps I should fill a hot water bottle as well? Ridiculous!

So a little bit about me as it’s been a while. Other than being a Mum with my 2 gorgeous/mental boys to supervise there is of course Thrupenny Bits to manage and promote (it never stops) I also work as a free-lance tv script supervisor/Associate director and more recently have been show calling big events, you might say I’m your classic working Mum, juggling on all fronts. In my youth I was under the impression that life became boring as you got older, how wrong was I! Life is sooo ridiculously busy, plus I do insist on doing as much Zumba as possible AND sing a soul choir (as a teenager I wanted to be Julie Andrews) Oh yes and not forgetting the long suffering husband in the mix as well….

All of this is a big part of why I’ve neglected this blog for so long, a busy summer followed by a busy life generally, I’m sure the rest of you are no different!

For some reason at Christmas time my sales seem to plummet, which is a shame as people are still having babies (I had my second son Aaron on Dec 17th) and my cushions are lovely presents at any time of year, ESPECIALLY at Christmas when you need your hands free to continue eating and changing the channel on the remote, you know the important stuff! Speaking from personal experience it’s a lovely time of year actually to have a baby, there’s lots of food and tv and you’re pretty much just sitting on the sofa bed breastfeeding with a gorgeous new baby to keep you warm, and lots of people around to help out, I loved it!

So with that in mind I’m creating a 15% discount just for Christmas to try to encourage people to keep buying even if it is Christmas, Mummies still need a lovely cushion to use! SANTA is the code to obtain the code, please input during the shopping process to obtain your discount.

More lovely reviews keep coming Mothers who Work have recently reviewed a TB cushion and Geraldine Miskin internationally renowned breastfeeding expert recommends my pillows to her clients in The Bump Class which she runs with Maria Fogle (Ben Fogle’s wife). On top of that you migt have noticed that my cushions have become quite the celebrity accessory, Edith Bowman and Fearne Cotton love their cushions as does Angelica Bell and actress Lucy Jo Hudson.

Now onto Christmas at which I’m really struggling to get in the mood with and feeling like I’m getting nowhere with the organising…I’m currently waiting for my artificial white Christmas tree to arrive, I’m praying the boys will like it and NOT give me hard time for us not having a real tree this year, I felt that spending another £40 on a real tree which just get chucked out after 3 weeks is wasteful, so I’ve bitten the bullet and have purchased a decent (hopefully!) tree that we’ll be able to use for at least 10 years thus saving money and the environment in the long run. Toys r us have just opened a shop virtually at the end of the road but to be honest I prefer to buy everything online and just get stressed out and can never find what I want in big shops….mmm we’ll see how I get on with that! I have had a big clear out while they were at school (donated old toys to the School Christmas fair) and made lots of room for more stuff to come into the house, arghhhhh!!!

On that note I’m going to get on with my day, sorry it’s been so long and please remember a Breastfeeding Pillow IS for Christmas!

Good luck with December everyone, Happy Breastfeeding (if you are!) and lots of love (-:

Melissa xxx

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