I didn’t get the job, YAY!!!

Hello lovely people (-:

Now that Christmas is a distant memory of overly excited children, being exhausted, too much food/wine/prosecco/chocolate followed by a lot of hangovers and tv, oh and the never ending cheese mountain…. Moving forwards, January was the best month EVER for Thrupenny Bits! So many Mums getting with the program and purchasing a cushion, had a super review left on my site just today in fact which was a lovely surprise thank-you Laura (-:

“I found this after reading every review going having searched for a new feeding pillow. It’s a gorgeous colour and beautifully made but I was a bit unsure I was going to get on with it when it arrived (v quickly) as it seemed a bit high for my 9 week old when sitting on the sofa to feed, even after squishing it down a bit. However, I’ve since taken it out with me several times and it is just perfect for feeding on the move, my now 11 week old baby was held in place at the right height, giving me confidence to feed him in restaurants and even on the train! I’ve received lots of compliments from friends and am recommending them to everyone I know. This fits above my baby’s head in the buggy (when raining). If I needed a pillow for feeding at home I think I’d get the bigger size too. Brilliant product and such a personal service from Melissa, thank you!”

It NEVER ceases to bring me great pleasure to read a testimonial like that and makes it all so worthwhile. It’s especially poignant this week as there was a possibility that I was to return to the daily grind and a horrific commute to work every day. In my other life I free-lance in entertainment TV and events, I like to think I have a good balance of kids/life/Thrupenny Bits/TV work, this opportunity threw me into turmoil and raised the question “should I be going back to work full time if the opportunity presents itself.” A lot of new Mums take a back seat when it comes to their careers to spend time being there for the family. Starting Thrupenny Bits gave me the option to be at home and to contribute to the family income, at the beginning it was a big struggle getting it off the ground with a new born and a 2 year old in tow, it’s taken a while but I do feel that finally I am getting somewhere, plus I still free-lance in TV and events about 8 weeks a year which brings in a good income as well. A full time job would have meant a much higher income, pension etc. but at what cost? I wouldn’t have been here for the kids, no school drop off/pick-ups, hanging out with them, reading, drawing, baking etc and taking them to their various clubs, all this would have to be done by an au pair, basically I’d have to become a very stressed out part time Mum! Plus now they’re at school I do actually get time for myself, Zumba, Yoga, cycling, I also sing in a choir, all that would have to go…. The last time I had an interview for a job was 20 years ago and that was MTV, it was more of a casual chat than a gruelling interview! Since when have interviews turned into an episode of the Apprentice!? The one I attended was relentless, an hour and half of grilling, the interviewers were actually lovely and I think I did ok but was kind of hoping that I didn’t get the job so that I didn’t have to make any difficult life changing decisions… Well you know it’s the right outcome when you feel like celebrating when you DON’T get a job! In short, I didn’t get the job, YAY! It’s made me appreciate what I have sooo much more, ok we’re not rich but you can’t underestimate how important it is to have a balance. Having gone through the thought process of the last few weeks I really do sympathise with those who have no choice and HAVE to work, I realise that I’m very lucky to be in this position, I’ve got lots of little things going on that fit around the children which means that I can be there for them but still bring in an income…(I really ought to mention the husband bringing in the bacon also at this point!) I am just soooo relieved that I don’t have to actually go to work for 10 hours a day, sometimes it takes a shake up to make you realise what you have (-:

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I wish I was working full time and actually going to work where someone pays ME a salary, The ups and downs of running your own business can be a worry and the attitude I get from my 8 year old can be especially challenging, but most of the time I wouldn’t have it any other way, my advice is, if you are thinking outside of the box and starting up your own thing, stick with it, remember it’s a marathon NOT a race, life is a challenge no matter what you’re doing (-:

And on that note I must quit this work displacement activity and get on with some actual work, back to my accounts and spreadsheets, it’s not all about the Zumba, yoga and glamour honest!

Lots of love, Melissa xx

P.S. I’d love to hear your views readers, do you feel the same? Or perhaps you have a wonderful job and choose/have to continue to work full time since having kids, which I totally get as well by the way, we are all different, different needs/limits/options! Am always keen to hear a different perspective, please feel free to leave your comments in the box below (-:

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