Kids Break Up Tomorrow Arghhhh!!

Ola, funny how 25 degrees can actually seem cool well sort of, in comparison to a sweltering 33 degrees yesterday! Last night I was up at the first clap of thunder, raced outside to bring in the washing (at 2am) and it didn’t even blinking well rain! Was left with a basket full of slightly damp washing to deal with and a very groggy head due to not a lot of sleep. Mind you I stuck the earplugs in and eye mask on and overslept till 8.30 am, I know… how late is that! (speaking as a mother trust me that is a mega lie in especially on a school day) Luckily the husband is still around to deal with school drop-offs in the morning and he let me sleep (-:

So summer hols is fast approaching and this is the first year in 3 that I’ve not got a lot of work on (as in actually going out to work) other than Thrupenny Bits, plus as I said before husband is around so what work I do have he will be supplying the childcare. We’ve booked a Gite with a pool in Brittany for a week, however, I’ve only been offered work at V festival which now clashes, needs must means that I have to take the work and fly out 2 days late, husband and kids will be driving down (roughly 10 hours in all) without me, shame, er I might not miss the 10 hours in a car with kids, just saying….but I will greatly miss 2 days of precious holiday )-: This is what happens when you’re freelance, no work for ages then any work that does come along is guaranteed to clash with any weddings or holidays. Speaking of which I recently had work at Wireless Festival which yep you’ve guessed it, clashed with my cousin’s wedding, husband had to go by himself with the boys, such is life!

Thrupenny Bits pillows always seem to do really well in the summer months and we’ve just had our best month yet, I’d like to re-enforce though that my pillows are great for use at home and not just for out and about, the Ultimate ones especially will wipe the floor with any other breastfeeding pillow available (I like to think! Please don’t use it to actually wipe the floor with….) and will look a lot nicer as well (-; Lovely review from Mummy is a gadget geek recently and lots of coverage in various newspapers around the country as the perfect baby shower gift for Kate Middleton!

Speaking of which, I’m not an out and out royalist but do feel unexpectedly lifted by their news, brings back lots of lovely memories of that very special time when you’ve just had your first baby, all tired and delirious and you just can’t stop staring at them, such an outpouring of love for a tiny thing just come out of your body, amazing! I am feeling a little uneasy about the school hols, trying to fit in activities with the boys, Thrupenny Bits, cleaning, Zumba classes and a social life (don’t be ridiculous!) is all rather daunting! Plus am a bit sad that it will no doubt fly by and then we’ll be back into another school year and Christmas approaching…. (did I just say that, I apologise profusely, the heat is getting to my head..strike that!) Have an amazing summer everybody, how fabulous that we appear to have one, fingers crossed it runs the span of the school hols and WON’T rain in France!!



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