Cute Corduroy Range - Nursing Cushion

For breastfeeding babies on the go

These highly portable Cute Corduroy breastfeeding cushion comprise of simple no fuss cushions in a soft needle corduroy. The smaller size is Ideal for feeding babies 0 - 6 months, weighing only around 400 grams it measures 65cm across and 27cm down.

For an extra £8.00 these are also available in the larger Ultimate size. The larger size raises the baby higher thus working well for a taller lady. They also give more depth so will grow with your baby making it possible to feed using your cushion for well beyond 6 months.

The outer bag is unlined and uses a lovely soft needle corduroy and inside you'll find a firm (but with the right amount of give) crescent shaped cushion made from a high grade, hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. This cushion is easily removable so that the outer bag can be washed when necessary.

How to use