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My Thrupenny Bits cushion arrived this morning and I'm very pleased with it.  It looks great, and most importantly it really works - it's the perfect height and shape to support my baby when she's feeding.  In fact, it's much better than the (non-portable) support cushion which I initially bought.  This is going to give me a lot more confidence to go out and about with my baby. Thanks again - I'll definitely recommend your cushions to friends.
By Mereyem

I wish I had, had one of these for my first baby. It provides a stable base for feeding and is very comfortable for mother and baby alike. A good feature of the cord is that it is a very 'grippy' fabric so the baby stays put in the position you want it to be in.  I am 5 4' with a 34G chest  a 7lb baby and the classic size fits well. I have been feeding for a week since my baby was born. Fab, fab, fab a great investment! 
By Jennifer S

Just wanted to say what a great product this is! It has made breastfeeding so much easier. Other nursing cushions are heavy, tend not to stay in place and are often less portable due to their size. I am a bigger breasted mum, who is constantly having to support my breast as well as my baby, so this product has helped to free up one hand and make breastfeeding more comfortable. I no longer have to carry a pillow around on top of my buggy in public - phew! Great product - simple yet highly effective. Thanks! By Samantha

When my son was born, I had trouble positioning him when breastfeeding, which led to him and me getting very stressed! We had an elaborate set up of cushions that I had to make sure were set up in a specific way to get him to the right height every time he wanted to feed, (which is a lot in the early days!) and my husband had to rush them round the house to me, depending on where I was at the time!

It's been the most useful (and indispensable) purchase of all the baby related paraphernalia we bought and I'm still using it 6 months on. I've bought it for a few friends and friends have also seen it and got it themselves, and all agree it makes life a lot easier...which is the main thing when you are a new mum! 

By Helen Russel

I didn't manage to breastfeed my first daughter (she refused), so I ended up expressing for her! So I was really worried about whether breastfeeding would work out for us this time round. 
I bought my thrupenny bit, in the hope that it would make the process easier - and it has.  
This time round, breastfeeding has been a real success and I feel like a pro :-)  The cushion gives my baby great support and I love that it is so easy to carry about (it's been with us everywhere!).  Like one of the other reviewers, I'm a bigger breasted mum and using the pillow means I do have at least one hand free.

Finally, my toddler loves the thrupenny bits cushion too - she likes to be in charge of carrying it around for me...  And when we were at the zoo, she saw a Tapir suckling her baby and asked "where's her pillow?" Maybe you should do a mini version!
By Chris

TWINS PILLOW REVIEW - "I've been using the thrupenny bits twin pillow for over 6 months now and I've found it invaluable for achieving successful tandem breast-feeding.
The simple ties are essential for keeping it in place and the bolster cushions on either side support my boys at the correct height for feeding. I also love the lovely soft fabric on my babies skin and the pretty colours used make me happy (-: 
As I've been cluster feeding I've been know to pretty much wear this cushion like a giant pillowy tutu moving from room to room! Plus it's good that the bolster cushions detatch as this makes it more portable.

All in all I couldn't recommend this pillow highly enough to any new Mum wanting to tandem feed twins, (also good single feeding when necessary) Plus when I wrap up breastfeeding for good the bolster cushions are very cute and still look good on my sofa and my boys use the main cushion to lol about on in front of the tv on the floor.

Thanks to Melissa for a great product!

By Grace