Ultimate - Dotty

Ultimate - Dotty
Ultimate - Dotty Ultimate - Dotty Ultimate - Dotty
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The Ultimate Dotty Breastfeeding Pillow Iis now ON SALE...Previously costing £60.00 it is now £49.50.

This funky Breastfeeding pillow uses a hardwearing and very funky dotty design on one side and a soft dark red needle cord on the other.

With 2 inside pockets the outer bag on the pillow really does convert to great bag to continue using after breastfeeding.

It has an inner sack filled with high grade hypoallergenic hollow fibre and measures 65cms across and 32 cms down.

Because you'll be relying on your cushion for every feed you're really going to miss the outer bag when it's in the wash...you'll need a spare outer bag these are availabe in soft needle cord in some lovely colours. Plus you might like a change up of colour to match your outfit!


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