Cute Corduroy Range

Cute Corduroy Range


These highly portable Cute Corduroy nursing cushions are simple no-fuss cushions in a soft needle corduroy.

The smaller of these corduroy nursing cushions is ideal for feeding babies 0 – 6 months, weighing only around 400 grams it measures 65 cms across and 27cms down.

If you do have a baby scoring more on the upper centiles or if you are very tall yourself then I recommend you go for the larger size. This one will raise the baby up higher. Please select the option you’d prefer on the product page.

See the VIDEO for how to use a Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding Pillow…

Inside you’ll find a firm (but with the right amount of give) crescent-shaped cushion made from a high grade, hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. This cushion is easily removable so that the outer bag can be washed when necessary.

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Nursing Pillow Cute Corduroy – Sage Green