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This breastfeeding pillow uses a hardwearing and designer blue floral fabric on one side and a soft blue needle corduroy on the other. The outer bag is lined meaning that it will convert to a fab little unstructured bag to continue using after breastfeeding, weighing very little and highly washable.

Inside the outer bag there’s a crescent shaped cushion filled with high grade hypoallergenic hollow fibre.

Ideal to travel and very compact it measures only 65cms across and 27 cms down, when hugged around your waist whilst baby is feeding even less.

Because you’ll be relying on your pillow for every feed you’re really going to miss the outer bag when it’s in the wash….you’ll need a spare outer bag these are available in soft needle cord in some lovely colours. Plus you might like a change up of colour!

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1 review for Classic – Blue Floral

  1. Aiofe, St Albans

    I received my cushion today and am using it as I write this!! It’s fantastic! I have a 4 week old baby and had planned to buy my cushion before he was born but he surprised us and came a little early so I decided to make do with propping him up on cushions when feeding and developed ways of leaning forward and twisting my body down to his level… With the result that I have had repeated neck strain and sore back since he was born. Since this first time using my cushion I am so impressed and am so grateful that something so simply has made feeding much more comfortable… Thank you so much! I love the way it ties on as I have experienced the way cushions usually slide out from under the baby as we feed. I know I will never be without my cushion now!

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