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This pretty grey floral breastfeeding pillow uses a hardwearing and designer grey, pink and blue floral fabric on one side and a soft pale green needle corduroy on the other. Fully lined on the inside there’s a zipped inside pocket and another for your mobile phone.

Inside the outer bag there’s a crescent shaped cushion filled with high grade hypoallergenic hollow fibre and measures 65cms across and 32 cms down.

As you had perhaps guessed, hollow fibre pillows get their name due to the fact that they’re made from fibres which have space between their knotting. The ‘hollow’ space between the fibres helps to ensure that the pillow is breathable.

Because you’ll be relying on your cushion for every feed you’re really going to miss the outer bag when it’s in the wash…you’ll need a spare outer bag these are available in soft needle cord in some lovely colours. Plus you might like a change up of colour to match your outfit!

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2 reviews for Grey Floral Breastfeeding Pillow – Ultimate

  1. Laura Chamberlain

    Since my thrupenny bits cushion arrived about 7 weeks ago, I can honestly say it has enhanced my life no end. My son was quite large when born and I struggled with establishing breastfeeding from the beginning, mainly because I found it so awkward to hold him (c-section delivery probably didn’t help either). At home this was fine, as I had a big breastfeeding pillow, but obviously carting this around was not an option as it is quite cumbersome, not to mention not very discreet. Now, I feel completely confident that I can feed my son comfortably, wherever we might be – so far this includes numerous cafes, the cinema, shopping centres, in the park and even whilst out walking on the coast! I used to envy those mums who didn’t need anything to support their babies whilst breastfeeding, and now I like to think they are envious of my rather stylish accessory when I’m out and about!

  2. Marika

    Thank you Melissa. I love it and I don’t want to miss it!!! Literally goes everywhere with me, couldn’t manage without it (-:

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