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Are you looking for the perfect gift to welcome a new-born baby into the world?

These Gift Vouchers for our Nursing Pillows are valid for any item(s) on our website. Also as these breastfeeding pillows are aimed at helping both mum and baby you know you will be making two special people very happy. Also just like nursing bras this is highly useful and always appreciated by both mums and babies.

How to get our Gift Vouchers for Nursing Pillows

  1. Simply choose the amount you wish to give from the drop down menu above.
  2. Once selected you will see  “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart Buttons”
  3. They both head in the same direction just click one.
  4. Make your payment and fill in the delivery email.
  5. An email and redemption code will be sent to you.
  6. ** Or you can fill in the recipient  email for direct delivery**


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