Schools out, YAY....well sort of!


So the long road to the end of term and the summer holidays is finally here, musical recitals, sports day, school summer fair, Mums drinks, if you have kids at school already sound familiar? All brilliant but how exhausting! Now the holidays are actually here lucky for me I'm not working....well not much, am here writing this blog whilst they're out in the park, does this count as work? Well sort of I suppose!

I don't know about you but I rather think that the summer so far has been fabulous, which is just as well as I seem to spend a lot of time on my bike in the park with my boys playing football (them not me) I like to cycle about fetching water and rounding up bored looking boys for my two to play football with, doesn't take long for them to be having a brilliantly sweaty time with more boys joining in as the day progresses, that is one of the upsides of having sporty boys, all you really need is a football, some space and other kids, all things usually found in the park!

Off to France next week just me and the boys for 5 days and slightly's a beautiful house and we'll be staying with a really good friend but... it's going to be very very hot and there's no pool, garden or other kids, eek! Lots of activity books have been purchased, trips planned, kindle's charged and DVD's packed, otherwise I literally will get no rest (or time to drink wine in France which everyone knows is the best place to drink it!)

Recently Thrupenny Bits have had some cracking reviews from Belle Du Brighton, Make Do and Push and What Mummy Thinks We're rather proud of all 3 reviews and the fact that all 3 bloggers totally get what I'm trying to do makes it all worthwhile, some lovely pictures there as well (-:

So last minute preparations for leaving on Thursday...I can now cross "write blog" off my list! On to the next thing - online check in and print boarding passes!

If I don't have a chance to update this blog over the next few weeks have a lovely Summer holiday everyone, I have a feeling I may be rather monopolised, most of you reading this will know exactly what I'm talking about!