Hypoallergenic Nursing Pillows for Breastfeeding

What is the Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillow?

The core of our nursing pillow is a crescent shaped cushion filled with high grade hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. The covers for all our nursing cushions are made of beautiful soft to touch fabrics and largely cotton. There are also straps that tie around the waist keeping the cushion in place. The same straps make it highly portable carried over your shoulder like a bag, or hung over the handles of a pram. 

Our versatile nursing pillow does the holding for you, it lifts your baby up to a proper position for a good breastfeeding latch, whilst also providing relief to your arms and back.

Not only a Feeding Pillow. Once your little one begins to grow, our versatile breastfeeding pillow can be used to prop up your little one, aiding them in learning to sit upright. After breastfeeding for good remove the inner crescent shaped cushion and it will even convert to a bag.

Features and benefits of Thrupenny Bits Nursing Pillows

How Babies Benefit           

  • Better breastfeeding latching creates less frustration
  • Sleep technology cushion design to encourage sleep after feeding.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows reduce the risk of allergies for your baby from our product and materials.
  • Our Pillow allows for multiple feeding positions for your baby

How Mums Benefit

  • Comfort & Support
    Designed with a lactation specialist to provide ultimate breastfeeding support.
  • Flexibility
    The ergonomic design and added flexibility makes the Thrupenny Bits pillow suitable for everyone.
  • Attractiveness
    Fabrics are practical and chosen for Mummy. Mummy will be wearing it so NO dinosaurs.
  • Slippage
    Straps keep your cushion in place so baby won't end up disappearing down a gap as you are breastfeeding.
  • Versatile & Long Lasting
    The breastfeeding cushion becomes a bag as baby grows and then easily becomes a breastfeeding pillow again for your next child.

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Award winning breastfeeding pillow - year after year!

Our awards speak for themselves - Ther really isn't anything else quite like Thrupennybits breastfeeding pillows..

  • Loved By Parents Award - Gold
  • Prima Baby and Pregnancy Award - Bronze
  • Best Product for Breastfeeding Award 
  • Bizzie Baby Award - Silver
  • Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award - Gold 
  • Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award  - Consumer Choice 
  • The Mother and Baby Award  - Previously Shortlisted

What Mums think of our breastfeeding pillows

Why did I not know about these before! Honestly has transformed my breastfeeding experience, I'm feeding hands free and my back is sooo grateful. The blue stripe design is lovely, very classy and very non baby which is exactly what I was after, thanks so much Thrupenny Bits!

Sally (31/07/2017)


Thank you Melissa. I love it and I don't want to miss it!!! Literally goes everywhere with me, couldn't manage without it (-:

Marika (05/08/2017)


How on earth did I ever manage without a Thrupenny Bits Pillow! I didn't use one of these to begin with and had an awful time, wish I'd found it sooner and LOVE the Pink Flock design, thank-you Melissa for such great service and a wonderful product!

Sally (03/07/2017)


I bought this pillow back in 2014 when my son was born and it has been a life-saver! I found the traditional breastfeeding pillows very uncomfortable and they always seemed to slip away from me while feeding so the fact that this one tied on was brilliant. I had also found it very difficult to comfortably breastfeed when out and about without a pillow so the fact that this pillow is so portable was wonderful. I just throw it in the bottom of the pram so I can use it whenever I'm out. I've used it with my daughter too. It really has saved my back and helped my posture. I can't recommend this pillow highly enough.

Kristy (23/02/2017)


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