Ultimate Range

Ultimate Range

Best Nursing Pillow for Larger Babies or taller ladies – Our Ultimate range breastfeeding pillows are the biggest so potentially can be used longer (than 6 months) for breastfeeding. Feedback from ladies with larger breasts has also been extremely positive, you might find that you need to support your breast during breastfeeding so even having one hand back is a god send. To be clear though, these cushions work for any size breasts or waist size! The larger size also converts to a better toddler bag because of the size and the fact that they have inner pockets. The cushion weighs in total only around 700 – 800 grams and measures 65 cms across and 32 cms down so is still highly portable. If your baby is a big beautiful bouncing baby (i.e. large!) you’re better off going for this size cushion. Also if you’re a tall lady this will raise the baby up higher so would work better for you.

See the VIDEO for how to use Thrupenny Bits’ Best Nursing Pillow for optimum hands free breastfeeding.

Inside you’ll find a firm (but with the right amount of give) crescent-shaped cushion made from a high grade, hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. This cushion is easily removable so that the outer bag can be washed when necessary.

I developed this particular range to be luxurious AND functional using indulgent and high-end fabrics, which is why I call these breastfeeding pillows my Ultimate range. All outer bags are individually hand-made and limited edition, so designs may be updated regularly to keep up with current trends.

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Grey Floral Breastfeeding Pillow

Grey Floral Breastfeeding Pillow – Ultimate

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Stars Red Nursing Pillow – Ultimate Range