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Ruth Crilly’s Top 5 Breastfeeding Essentials

“The breastfeeding pillow (Thrupenny Bits) ….I wondered why I simply couldn’t bolster up my elbows with some firm cushions from the sofa. But this has been revolutionary – the pillow takes most of the weight of the baby and allows you to calmly and easily correct the way that the baby latches on rather than struggling with holding the baby up and attempting to match up nipple and mouth at the same time. The shape of the pillow hugs the curve of your body – normal cushions are just annoying and you can never get them close enough – and the ties make sure that the pillow can’t move away. Which is what happens with normal sofa/bed cushions. So this sceptic has been converted”
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Dummy Mummy

“The first thing I noticed was just how pretty it is, and how nice it would look on my sofa.  Then, having placed it on my lap, placed Little Pea on the pillow and got him latched on, I noticed how comfortable he found it:

Over the last couple of weeks, I have realised how versatile this pillow is.  Once the breastfeeding relationship has come to an end (sob), the foamy-beady-insert can be removed, and the gorgeous cover can be used as a bag.  I have nothing but good things to say about this pillow, and if someone had bought it for me when I had first had Little Pea, or The Princess for that matter, I know it would have been my favourite and most useful gift.  So if you know any expectant mums, I strongly suggest you buy them this pillow for when their little one arrives.  They will love you forever.”
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What Hannah Did Next

“This pillow comes with ties that you can tie around your back to keep the cushion in place, particularly handy to keep your baby in place if they are a little wriggly. It’s stuffed quite full so it positions your baby higher up, rather than them sinking into the cushion. I think this feature is particularly beneficial with new babies as it helps you to position your baby for a better latch and to keep them in place. It can also of course be used as a cushion for bottle feeding too, to keep your baby secure and comfortable.

Baby Beastie has taken to it really well and happily nods off on it. Especially so at the moment as he is going through a phase where he wants to fall asleep on me. The size is plenty big enough to accommodate him but is also compact enough to allow me to sit at the computer desk, if I need to check emails for instance, whilst he is feeding. Multi tasking all the way…”
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Make Do and Push

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Mummy is a Gadget Geek

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Bambino Goodies

“They look good in the pictures but the pictures don’t do them justice. We tried the Ultimate Pink Flock (pictured above left) and I think I might have squealed when I pulled it out of the box. The fabric is sumptuous; fine soft needle cord on one side and thick tactile flock on the other. It is beautifully sewn and has contrasting zips and is fully lined. The most important thing about its appearance is that it doesn’t look in the slightest like a breastfeeding cushion. I received countless compliments on my new bag and lots of surprise when I revealed its true purpose.”
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The Baby Website

“it’s a very versatile product, i put it straight over the handles of my pram and set off for the town. it is very comfy, Orlaith seemed to be very comfy lying on it, as the beans inside just moulded to her shape. the tie-handles on it made it easy to have orlaith feeding with the pillow tied round my waist leaving me with a free hand to enjoy my lunch with the girls. it is made of a very washable fabric, so baby sick and such-like are not a worry. it is very lightweight, i was able to carry it with me while going on the bus to visit family, which i do three times a week, and its so handy for being caught in awkward places & having to feed.”

Made For Mums

“Thrupenny Bits (cockney rhyming slang for you-know-what) was launched in 2009 by mum-of-two Melissa Wyatt-Fosbury after she struggled with positioning her first-born son, and he struggled with latching-on while breastfeeding.

Frustrated with nursing pillows and cushions then on the market, which didn’t fit securely, she set out to design a stylish, portable solution in two different sizes, which can be tied on and better meet the needs of breastfeeding mums.

With a clutch of awards including a Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award 2014 and endorsed by celebrity mums including Fearne Cotton and Edith Bowman, Thrupenny Bits’ offering is refreshingly different when it comes to design.”
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What Mummy Thinks

“If I haven’t convinced you of it’s amazingness yet, it’s also perfect to take out and use anywhere. Because it’s got the ties, you can hang it on the back of a pushchair or even carry it like a bag; you can even through your keys and phone in it if you have to pop out during feeding time. But more than that, once you have finished using it as a breastfeeding pillow, you can take the padded inset out and use it as a handy bag!

At £45, I think it’s one of those items you will never regret buying and in fact, one of those items your breastfeeding friends will all end up buying too.
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