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Gift vouchers are a great idea if you are buying for a friend, partner or relative.

Especially if you yourself have already used one and know how beneficial and lovely our cushions are. If you haven’t used one yourself you only need search for the many positive reviews from breastfeeding Mums using our cushions.

Let the expectant or New Mum make her own Style choice.

At Thrupenny Bits we cater for all style tastes and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is the right way to go. A gift voucher takes the stress out of that decision but still shows that you have carefully selected a thoughtful and useful gift (-:

Baby Shower Gift

A Thrupenny Bits cushion is a unique and special present for any expectant Mother.  Depending on your budget if there are a few of you, you could all club together to add one of our vouchers to a New Mum Gift set. She may not have heard of our cushions so once she sees the beautiful fabrics to choose from and the many positive endorsements on the website and online she will know that you have selected a thoughtful and stylish gift to set her on the right path to successful breastfeeding. Also a great gift if you’re unable to make the baby shower personally.

A Maternity Leave Gift Idea

If a Mum to Be at work is about to go on her maternity leave, a Thrupenny Bits gift Voucher is something you can all contribute towards. She will be most surprised and delighted being able to make her own choices. She could buy a breastfeeding Pillow along with a spare outer bag for when her original is in the wash and if she wishes a Waterproof pouch/baby bag to carry her cushion and baby paraphernalia around in.

A gift for a loved one overseas

No need for your friend who lives abroad to miss out, she can make her own choice of cushion and covers based on her needs and you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of a trip to the Post office.

Ultimate - Raspberry Flower

‘Made for Mums’ review by ‘Crummy Mummy’

When MadeForMums asked me to review a Thrupenny Bits nursing cushion (so called because it’s cockney rhyming slang for you-know-what) in which you’re supposed to be able to feed hands-free, I jumped at the chance. And would you adam and eve it, you really can!

The pillow comes in two sizes, small and large, which you lay in your lap. There are two straps which you tie around your waist to secure the pillow, meaning, unlike other cushions on the market, there’s no gap between you and the pillow which the baby can slip into.

With the pillow on your lap you then place the baby on top, tummy to tummy, and I found my large sized one gave me the perfect level for breastfeeding Little B, especially when he was tongue tied and his face needed to be right in front of my boob, rather than reaching up from the crook of my arm.

It’s made of really good quality, luxurious feeling fabric and there are options starting from £33 if you don’t want to spend so much. Although it’s marketed as a breast feeding pillow, don’t be put off. I think it would also help with bottle feeding and anyone recovering from a caesarean.

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