New Dotty Design

New Dotty Design

This brand new design uses a hardwearing and very funky dotty design on one side and plush red velvet on the other side.  With 2 inside pockets in both the classic and Ultimate versions this one really does convert to great bag to continue using after breastfeeding.

I’ve spent a little more on the lining here, which I’ve chosen to compliment the outer fabric making it stylish and gorgeous inside and out, hence the higher price.

The Ultimate cushion measures 65 cms across and 38 cms down making a great bag to use after breastfeeding with plenty of space for all your toddler paraphernalia.

The Classic cushion is smaller measuring 65 cms across and 27 cms down. This size is perhaps even better for out and about and will convert to a lovely hand bag to continue using.

All my breastfeeding pillows are individually hand-made and limited edition, so designs may be updated regularly to keep up with current trends.                                                     

The same bag in the Ultimate range filled with hypo allergenic buckwheat hulls will add £10.00 to your order.

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