SOLD OUT – Sapphire Blue


Spare Cover in Sapphire Blue for our Breastfeeding Pillows SOLD OUT IN SAPPHIRE BLUE. Another option available in a lovely new colour, light denim blue

Spare outer bag for your Ultimate size breastfeeding pillow or your smaller classic or cute cord, please make your selection in the drop down menu…

Consider how long you’re going to be nursing.

A breastfeeding pillow is a somewhat long-term investment. If you enjoy using it, and it works well for you and your baby, you will be using the pillow until you’re finished breastfeeding. Keep this in mind when considering a few spare covers in different colours.

Our spare cover in Sapphire Blue will compliment many styles but then none of us have just one colour style.

Making sure your cover is easy to clean.
Breastfeeding pillows get dirty easily. Babies can bring up their milk after every feed (posseting) and make a mess.
The easiest breastfeeding pillows to clean have covers that can be removed and then machine washed and dried. Easy that’s how we roll because looking after baby should be fun not hard work.



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