Birthday week sum up and Awards news!

I’m exhausted! Just don’t have the stamina any more…. last week (Wednesday to be specific) I had a birthday… last year when my husband worked late and nothing was arranged, I was VERY miffed, I’m not exactly a diva but I do think a little bit of fuss should be made on ones birthday, it’s just 1 day for goodness sake! Well last week I was luckily enough to get to celebrate on 3 separate occasions, lucky me (-: Big joint birthday with my sister in law at the weekend, no kids, LOTS of cocktails, dancing, shouting, singing LOVED it, boy did I suffer for days afterwards, so much so I thought I might be going through early menopause (not outside the realms of possibility but still!) As it turns out I was just pre-menstrual and sweating out alcohol toxins…probably, phew, I’m not ready for that yet!! But all par for the course so must suck it up!

My actual birthday was far a more wholesome affair, early dinner at lovely local Italian restaurant (Le Querce if you want to know!) with my beautiful sons, husband, lovely neighbours and their 3 year old son.

The following night my dear friend Janet took me to the very glamorous Brasserie Zedel in London’s West End, (used to be the very hip Atlantic in the 90’s for any of you my age who remember that!) Great company, delicious food, champagne, cocktails, all that a girl wants in an evening!!

All super, I’m not however used to drinking quite so much wine in a week and have developed a bit of a hacking cough which has meant my Zumba fitness was very thin on the ground last week, it’s almost impossible to juggle a social life, child’s requirements, house upkeep, work, and a fitness regime, something has to give!! Back on track this week… though all good, looking forward to feeling healthy again in a few days’ time!

So news regarding Thrupenny Bits, AWARD-WINNING GOOD NEWS! We have another award from Bizzie Baby together will some brilliant reviews. Testers really did love their cushions which is always amazing to hear (-:

Also we’ve been included as one of the 10 best travel essentials on the Prima Baby and Practical Parenting website Made for Mums My smaller classic and cute cord size cushions as you know are an excellent size for toting about (-:

Fingers crossed all of this good stuff translates to more sales as I’m not exactly Mothercare (or remotely near it) yet!!

This weekend just gone was a 5-year-old’s party with again far too much wine for the adults (oopps!) Another late night and up early with the kids, enough! I need a weekend off, actually, that is fully achievable this weekend nothing particularly in the diary, sometimes don’t you just love that!

Have a great week everybody, Mxxx

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