Let’s Start Again Shall We…

Greetings fellow Mums or Dads (or soon to be either) IF you’re reading this..

Clearly I’ve not been keeping up with my “new” well not so new blog about life, breastfeeding and Thrupenny Bits pillows! Actually life/kids/the aforementioned (not the breastfeeding part, way past that stage!) just gets in the way doesn’t it. Plus the fitness regime I embarked on in January is still in full effect, in fact on top of everything else I’m now trained up Zumba teacher! I used to be a dancer way back when and I’ve now re-found my dancing legs as well as a few muscles that I forgot I had hurrah, better late than never! Now I no longer have to push a pram I had to find a more traditional way of toning up my arms, the tops of my arms are doing great, it’s still those pesky bingo wings (HATE that term) which are a problem area and the inside of my thighs, is there a word/term for that? I don’t think I want to know, in fact the mind boggles!

Since both my kids finally are now at school I really ought to be knuckling down and making world domination happen for Thrupenny Bits BUT after 7 years of being at home with the little darlings I’m loving the peace and quiet and the fact that I can do all this stuff I haven’t been able to do for all that time! Most of you reading this are just at the beginning, it’s a long road to school especially if you’re a mother to boys (there’s a special place in heaven for us apparently!) They are completly gorgeous and I do love them but thank-god for school!

I just wanted to say hi! Welcome to parenthood and I will be keeping anyone interested via my blog and Facebook of any developments, special deals etc.

Bye for now! Mxxxx

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