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If you’re after a non girlie breastfeeding cushion then the Classic stars option is the one for you.

A fully lined outer bag with a hardwearing blue, grey and red stars fabric on the one side and needle cord in Royal blue on the underside. It will convert to a small unstructured bag to continue using, weighing very little and highly washable.

It has an inner sack filled with high grade hypoallergenic hollow fibre.

The smaller classic size measures 65cms across and 27cms down.

Because you’ll be relying on your cushion for every feed you’re really going to miss the outer bag when it’s in the wash…you’ll need a spare outer bag these are availabe in soft needle cord in some lovely colours. Plus you might like a change up of colour to match your outfit!

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2 reviews for Classic – Stars Blue

  1. Zahra Khan

    I debated for a long time whether I really needed a BF pillow thinking it qS another product targeted towards gullibility new mums.
    I stumbled across TPB on Ruth Crilly’s blog; ‘The Uphill’ in her ‘breastfeeding essentials’ post and she really advocated its practicality. After feeding without a pillow for 3 weeks and experiencing varying degrees of dead and arm feeling like I was going to dent my newborns head – I took the plunge and purchased the pillow. Per other reviews, this pillow is actually amazing. It takes 80% of the hassle away from BF. So simple yet so so practical. Melissa is lovely – truly kind customer service. My pillow was with me in next day from ordering. My 3 week old son loves it and often sleeps on the pillow post feed quite soundlessly. Final note – lovely design and manufacturing. 10/10 – will be using it for future babes too. Truly changed things for me!

  2. Melissa Wyatt

    I’ve only just come across your message, did you manage to log in? Did you create an account?

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