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This Breastfeeding pillow really wouldn’t feel out of place with your tasteful home decor hanging out on your leather sofa…as you can see it uses a hardwearing Raspberry Flower and beige design on one side and a very hardy cotton beige fabric on the other.

This one is extra special, lined with a funky denim fabric with pockets on the inside.

Inside the outer bag there’s an inner crescent shaped cushion filled with high grade hypoallergenic hollow fibre and measures 65cms across and 32 cms down.

Because you’ll be relying on your cushion for every feed you’re really going to miss the outer bag when it’s in the wash…you’ll need a spare outer bag these are available in soft needle cord in some lovely colours. Plus you might like a change up of colour to match your outfit!

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2 reviews for Ultimate – Beige and Raspberry flower.

  1. Sally

    How on earth did I ever manage without a Thrupenny Bits Pillow! I didn’t use one of these to begin with and had an awful time, wish I’d found it sooner and LOVE the Pink Flock design, thank-you Melissa for such great service and a wonderful product!

  2. Anna

    These pillows are absolutely brilliant. I could not really breastfeed sitting up until I got this. Previous attempts with a thinner pillow from another manufacturer left me with very sore nipples but this one is just the perfect height for me and the pain has completely disappeared. The pillow is really thick which is great as I am recovering from a caesarean. It is very comfortable for both me and my baby – he loves to lie on it when he wants a cuddle or a nap. Highly recommended!

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